Pierson Grill, Flint, MI

It is really hard to find a person, who doesn’t like frill dishes.

This smoky taste and smell together with the brown crust of the grilled pork or chicken is so unique and tasty that it may barely be compared with any other tastes that nature offers to us. Barbecue or grilled dishes are mostly prepared in the fresh air and they are associated with the fresh air, a forest, ponds and lakes and the cheerful company there. The best memories of any age, really!

A grilling process is when a meat, fish or veggies are cooked on the direct heat, and the heat is normally pretty high in this case. Unlike cooking on a griddle or a frying pan, grilling means fast dry cooking until the meat is brown.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian and you think grilled dishes can’t be your choice, you are so mistaken as grilled vegetables and bread are so tasty and fitting for any vegetarian. The taste of a grilled eggplant or tomato or mushroom is incredible and satisfying. Truly, cooking dishes inside any accommodation will never be as tasty as cooking grilled dishes in the fresh air.

Many people don’t know the difference between barbeque and grilling, but there is a difference, actually. Grilling means a quick way of cooking with the high temps, while barbeque cooking means a slow way of cooking for several hours with the low heat.

The archeologists discovered that grilling was used around 3600 years ago by the Greeks who had special ceramic trays for cooking meat and veggies on the coals.

Pierson Grill on Pierson Rd, Menu

This restaurant is a drive-in place where you might have breakfast, dinner or lunch on the road or just get the food you want without leaving your car. The biggest advantage of this location with grilled food is that it is open twenty- four hours a day, so you are able to order and have something delicious and typically American at any time. That is so convenient for the travelers who are craving for some food in the middle of the night, for instance.

As to their menu, there are every day specials for breakfast, which are available from five a.m. to eleven a.m. large eggs with ham, sausages and toasts are available for you in this spot for breakfast. Sausage patties, chicken breasts and pancakes will also be offered to you if you are into some substantial food in the morn when travelling or dropping by. Sandwiches, omelettes with cheese, ham, bacon or mushrooms etc. are served in Pierson Grill.

As lunch specials French fries, fish sandwiches or wing dings are offered. Coney dogs and a lot of burgers may be eaten by you or your friends (family). Even the vegetarian will find dishes to their tastes. Grilled cheese, veggies, chicken, beef or pork, sometimes turkey are for you to satisfy your appetite at any time of the day and night. Shrimp baskets or soups are also available for your choice. Alcohol is served in this location together with soft drinks. The prices are very friendly and the food tastes great.

The menu selection is very versatile and sounds tasty. The full menu might be seen by you here:

Pierson Grill, Phone Number

You are able to call them and order the food you wish on the phone, so call: +1 810-785-4655.

So, go ahead and feel active and full while you are traveling or just visiting Flint, the state of Michigan and craving for some substantial grilled dishes.