Parkway Pizza, Evansville

The Pizza Story

The pizza like dishes were used in ancient times too, as the people who did not have plates because of being poor or while travelling, they used the flat bread loaves as the plates for the food.

But classical Italian pizza appeared in Italy, Naples in the 18th century when the city was growing fast, a lot of people came there searching for a job and they were very poor, worked a lot, so they were in need of some food, which could be easily bought, carried and eaten fast. The vendors with pizza appeared in the streets, the toppings were poor at that time and the pizza dish was despised, associated with the very poor folk. 

But everything has changed when the royal family arrived in Naples, they wanted to try some local dishes and the cook made three pizza variants. The queen named Margherita liked the pizza with mozarella cheese, basil leaves and tomatoes best of all, that is why we eat the Margarita pizza now. Since that time the pizza became fashionable and all the rich people tried it in Italy, for now pizza is one of the most widespread and popular dishes in the world.

Pizza was introduced in the USA when the Italian emigrants came to its shores, it happened in the 19th century. So, if you are a fan of crispy pizza, when visiting Evansville, go to Parkway Pizza, it is a good place to grab some of this amazing Italian dish with the additional portion of stromboli etc.

Parkway Pizza, Evansville

This cozy places reminds of a garage, the whole interior is designed like this, but the café is very spacious, the tables are big, so you may eat your pizza not being afraid that somebody is staring at you nearby. The opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., on ‘Tripadvisor’ the place is rated as 4.5, which is high and it says a lot about the place. The reviews are positive and all claim that the pizza and other dishes are of very decent quality and taste.

Parkway Pizza, Evansville, Menu

The spot sells mostly pizza with thin crust, they don’t serve alcohol, but there is a range of soft drinks, the place is great for kids after some activities and entertainments. On the menu you might select a specialty pizza or create your own pizza, you just need to select a size, select all the toppings which are available and get some additional toppings if you like the pizza like that you are so hungry.

The place has the food to go service, but there are no reservations or delivery options available for the customers. There is free Wi -fi for the use it while they are in the location.

On the menu one might find sandwiches of various kinds, bread, wings, specialty pizzas like buffalo chicken pizza or Hawaiian pizza. Taco pizza and vegetarian pizza are excellent choices for the vegetarians or taco fans. The prices are around 10 dollars for a pizza, but if you are creating your own pizza, it will depend on your choices of toppings etc. The salads, strombolis, hoagies, combo pizzas and pasta will make you think hard about what to choose as everything sounds so tasty.

In case you are travelling across the country and you happened to visit Evansville, choose this place for eating pizza and other Italian dishes, you will certainly wish to return here again and have this crusty pizza and Stromboli.

Parkway Pizza, Evansville, Phone Number

If you are craving some appetizing pizza, call: +1 812 -423-3339

So, have fun, travel a lot and have the most delicious pizza in any place you are!