Matchmaking Tools

SME Assessment

Despite wide recognition of the need for finance for sustainable producers, there is a lack of precise information on which types of producers need financing, how much is required, in what form, whether for the short, medium or long term, and whether they have the knowledge and tools to manage the credit once attained. In order to facilitate the flow of capital to SMEs, the particulars of the ‘financing gap’ must be measured and assessed for each agricultural sector and growing region.

We have developed a simplified standard to collect basic information about the SMEs financial needs. We’ve worked with hundreds of producer organizations, certification standards the private sector and development NGOs to fine-tune a proven SME assessment system.

With this producer insight, we are attracting new financial investments and encouraging the development of financial products suited to specific producer needs.

The FAST Financial Marketplace

For many producers, finding the right financial lender is a major challenge. Without information on what financial opportunities exist in their particular market, producers often don’t know where to turn. The FAST Financial Marketplace makes the search process easier. Through the Marketplace website, efficient communications amongst a growing global network of producers and financial service providers is now possible.

The website gives sustainable SMEs access to information to make informed decisions on appropriate financing for their enterprise. Through the Marketplace, our lending members receive contact from better-informed applicants, more streamlined access to their intended audience and a better picture of the entire sustainable trade financing market.

Available in English, French and Spanish, the Marketplace provides information on available financing opportunities in over 140 countries worldwide.

Marketplace features

Browse financing:

Browse profiles of financial service providers and see details for dozens of financing options available to sustainable SMEs.

Guidance for SMEs:

Learn more about the process of financing sustainable businesses from the Financial Marketplace's guide Financing Your Business, including advice from financial service providers.


Make new connections with financial service providers and sustainable SMEs by creating a free account.

Share documentation:

SMEs can prepare and submit financial statements online and share them with Financial Service providers in a generally-accepted format.

FAST Online Financial Access Platform – Coming in 2016

The FAST Online Financial Access Platform (OFAP) will replace the FAST Financial Marketplace as a more robust system with a multitude of new features. The new searchable network will host business and financial profiles of both SMEs and lenders, helping to match opportunities for investment with interested investors and encouraging access to new agricultural sectors and regions.

Our Goals

Global Data Aggregation

A global source of data on borrowers and lenders, we bring cutting edge analytics on supply and demand trends in real time.

Increasing Efficiency

By taking the matchmaking process online, we improve efficiency in connecting SMEs and lenders around the world.

Lowering Costs

We take on the administrative process so that lenders can focus on delivering quality financial services to their clients.

FAST Access


Easy Profile Creation

Business profiles for SMEs and lenders are easily created. SMEs feature their financial performance, credit history and investment plans. Lenders detail their financial products and services and detail their lending requirements.


Lenders search for potential clients based on pre-selected criteria. SMEs search the network to discover the assortment of investors available to them.

Profile Matching

Our customizable matching tool uses a proprietary process to identify SMEs and lenders that are compatible and creates a connection.

SME Training and Support

SMEs gain access to the FAST Network of Consultants who will help them develop their profiles and improve their marketability. When training in business and financial management is needed, SMEs are connected to consultants who can help.


Our tools will be multi-lingual allowing you to engage with others in multiple languages to access a broader portfolio.

Real Time Analytics

We bring insights to lenders looking to get ahead of market trends. Access industry reports on financial demand in specific sectors and firm-level reports on patterns and trends, helping you monitor and manage risk.

Partner with us

With a growing number of deeply committed organizations that see major potential in the SME finance model that FAST members bring to the table, stakeholders from around the world are working together to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the SME finance sector.