FAST Financial Fairs

We believe that bringing lenders and producers together under one roof narrows the divide and creates opportunities to transform business ideas into reality. Through one-on-one meetings between producers and social lending organizations, we aim to create new opportunities for producers to access the financing currently available on the market.

How it works

  • We identify SMEs in search of finance. A pre-application process is used to uncover the financial needs of each participating producer. We work with our local members and partners to build the capacity of the producers and prepare them for their meetings.
  • We match producers with appropriate lenders and coordinate one-on-one meetings at the fair. In these meetings, SMEs present their investment cases and financial documentation to selected financial institutions, after which discussions and negotiations may or may not continue
  • The loan negotiation monitoring process continues. We monitor and follow up on these discussions to quantify the impact of the event and determine what additional services or support may be needed.

Since 2010, the fairs have grown to incorporate lender-investor meetings and garner participation from the supply chain including buyers, importers and exporters.


Fairs are organized with international and local partners and are tailored to, or more, identified as areas of need, such as;

  • Type of finance (medium, long-term)
  • Type of product (coffee, forestry)
  • National or regional focus
  • Educational workshops and training (for producers, investors, advisors)

Efficiencies and Cost Savings

FAST Financial Fairs also represent nearly half a million dollars in cost savings to both prospective investors and SMEs when compared with traditional methods of researching and identifying opportunities for investment, securing meetings and related travel.

Traditional Process
  • Research
  • Identify investment opportunities
  • Arrange meetings
  • Travel
FAST Financial Fair Process
  • Connect with FAST
  • Provide basic requirements
  • Receive profiles of investment opportunities
  • Travel to Multiple meetings in one place