From Central America to Africa, we’re connecting FAST financial institutions with credit-ready producers all around the world.

We believe that equitable access to finance is a fundamental building block of sustainable development. We envision a world where sustainable production and access to finance are recognized as inherently linked, and finance is readily available to all producers.

The Pathway to Finance

Facilitating investment with a 4 step strategy


There are an estimated 500 million families in the developing world that depend on agriculture to make a living. Our SME assessment model has established a FAST methodology to assess the credit needs and credit readiness of SMEs around the world.


Capacity building is as important for the financial sector as it is for SMEs themselves. Many SMEs in the developing world require technical assistance to become bankable. Using the International Network of Local Financial Advisors we match producers with training coaches who will help them do the necessary work in preparing to approach financial institutions. Coaches work one-on-one or in a group training and use the FAST Financial Literacy Training Toolbox (FLTBX) toolbox as curriculum, tailoring it to each SME's needs. The FLTBX is adaptable by region, sector and language.


Connecting producers to appropriate lenders is a critical final stage. We bridge the connections between educated and finance-ready SMEs, and financial service providers on a global scale. Through the FAST Financial Fairs (FFFs) producers meet one-on-one with financial institutions and present credit applications. We track the outcome and success of the program and provide ongoing support and feedback to SMEs after they have applied, whether or not they received financing.


With a strong track record and demonstrated results, we’re taking the matchmaking process online. We’ll soon be expanding our digital offering with the development of the FAST Financial Access Platform – a more robust system that will host both financial institution and SME profiles and match the two on-demand.

Partner with us

We’ve streamlined the process, take on the administrative duties and create economies of scale through our in-person events as well as online. Since we started, we’ve facilitated nearly a half a million dollars in cost savings to both prospective investors and SMEs, compared to traditional methods.