Long Spring, Keyser, WV

Mysterious Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cooking is thought to be a significant part of the Chinese culture. The harmony of tastes, odors, color, looks and meanings of the dishes makes up a perfect Chinese dish. If you are surprised to hear that each dish had a meaning in China, that is really so. Some dishes mean the family union, some express richness and some help in creating a family etc. The Chinese like the most people of the oriental countries love symbolism in everything, even in cooking and creating dishes. 

So, several most popular dishes among both the Chinese and the foreign people are:

  1. Sour and sweet pork (chicken) is normally cooked in small pieces, it has a wonderful orange coloring and a mix of sweet and sour tasting. The Chinese used to eat only pork cooked in such a way, but later when the cuisine started to get more global, the other meat varieties were introduced as sour and sweet like chicken, pork ribs, beef and turkey.
  2. Dishes with wontons are mostly eaten in winter and they are eaten in a soup, sometimes they are fried deeply and served without the soup. The shape of wontons varies but mostly they have got a triangular shape.
  3. Tofu Ma Po is a very delicious portion of food served in China. The soft tofu is mixed with green onions and red beef which was ground previously. Also, the word ‘ma’ means a spicy taste coming from pepper powder, used in some areas of China as a seasoning.
  4. Chow Mein dish is the noodles being stir-fried and before the stir-frying process the noodles are boiled a little and cooled down. When the noodles are being stir-fried, onions, various meat types are added like chicken, shrimps, pork or beef, also celery is added to the dish to bring a fresher taste to it.
  5. Pekin duck or roasted Pekin duck is famous all over the world, I guess it is the most famous dish of China. Its origins are from Beijing and the duck is appreciated for its thin skin and crispy crust after cooking. It is served in slices often with the sweet sauce made from beans or with the garlic sauce and soy.

But let’s return to the USA realities and speak about the restaurant which is located in Keyser, the state of West Virginia, Long Spring restaurant where the tasty Chinese cooking is served.

Long Spring, Keyser, WV, Menu

The restaurant Long Spring serves Chinese dishes, there are buffet and normal menu choices, so you may choose how to eat. Their food is thought to be amazing, the prices are affordable, the service is great. The place has got many loyal customers, who stay with them for years. On ‘Yelp’ the rating of the restaurant is 5, that is exactly what they deserve.

Long Spring is a small business of a family, not some spot belonging to a restaurant range, the owners work hard to satisfy the clients and make them happy.

The menu contains the choice of Cantonese dishes along with Hunan and Szechuan dishes, which all belong to different ways of cooking in China. The dinner specials, seafood and vegetable dishes are also available for trying. The lunch specials, soups and the other typical choices like chow mean, egg foo youngs may be ordered and eaten by you with great appetite. The menu choices as well as some reviews may be found here:

Long Spring, Keyser, WV, Phone Number

The phone number of this cozy and tasty restaurant is 304 788 -8008, you might make an order on the phone to get the best meal in the area. The opening hours of the restaurant are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. So, if you are hungry and need to have some Chinese taste on the road or you are staying in Keyser and want to spoil yourself with some tasty dishes for affordable prices, this spot is just what you need!!