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10 Ways To Make I.T. Good at Work

IT-specialists – creations are whimsical. They need comfortable conditions for work and rest. Here are 10 simple ways to make life more pleasant for IT specialists.

It is not enough to have a good IT specialist in the company. You have to make sure that he takes root and doesn’t want to run away to the competitors. How do we do that? How do you motivate and indulge your employees? What can we do to please them besides the obvious things like a good salary, bonuses and a well-organized workspace? HR-department of Sibedge company shares small but effective tricks that increase loyalty of IT specialists and make their working life more comfortable, interesting and rich.

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Health and sports

The health of employees should be maintained by all means, from cheap VHI to inexpensive but important little things like delicious vitamins, honey as an alternative to sugar and fresh lemon for tea drinkers in the office kitchen. Another pleasant thing is, for example, free tick-borne encephalitis insurance or bicycle parking near the company building. The corporate discount for employees to visit the gyms is in constant demand.

Free taxi

A corporate taxi for employees who work late is the least the company can do for workaholics. Such care will undoubtedly be appreciated, as many IT specialists are so passionate about work that they lose track of time. It is also not bad to pay for taxis on business trips and trips around the city related to work-related issues. This will save time and nerves of your specialists.


Who doesn’t love them? It’s possible to give gifts for and without. They can be branded souvenirs or T-shirts, as well as gifts for birthdays, company days and other holidays. It is obligatory to please employees (including remote ones) with New Year’s surprises and, of course, we should not forget about their children. Children’s New Year’s matinee with the presentation of sweets will delight the kids. As they say, the way to diligence of an employee lies through the smile of his child.


Participation of employees in IT conferences is also a pleasant bonus. Every year dozens of major events are held in Russia and abroad, where specialists communicate and share their experience with each other. When a company takes over the payment for a flight, accommodation and participation in such conferences, it kills two birds at once: it improves the skills of its employees, as well as allows them to change the environment and relax.

Professional development

It is not only possible to pump up professional skills and learn something new at conferences. A good employer is one who is willing to invest in the development of its employees. That is why creating a professional competence center inside a company is a great idea. For IT specialists it is possible and necessary to organize English lessons (it is especially useful when communicating with foreign clients), as well as to select individual development plans, which include professional development courses and all kinds of trainings.

Rest area

IT professionals need a place where they can relax and get their thoughts in order. Every large company has a kitchen/lounge/chiaut where employees not only have lunch and consume indecently large amounts of coffee, but also communicate with each other on distracting topics. It is not bad to equip this room with comfortable sofas, projector, game console with a headset of virtual reality and musical instruments for the most creative technicians.

Corporate discounts

Corporate discount card – another way to make life more pleasant and financially profitable. It will provide tangible discounts in cafes and bars, which like to visit IT-specialists, discounts in numerous shops, workshops, hairdressers and beauty salons, cinemas and other equally important places.

Entertainment and hobbies

Management should encourage the commitment of its staff. If someone from DevOps is into karting, why not take part in a friendly race? Several programmers want to create a music band – we’ll give a concert for their colleagues. Participation in sports marathons, hikes to open-air film screenings, interesting master classes, cozy board game nights – if people rest together, the effectiveness of their teamwork is significantly improved.

Good equipment

An I.T. without iron is a very helpless creature. To improve the mood and productivity of IT professionals should pamper new hardware. If you want to see more code, hold a second monitor, if you want to be more mobile, here’s your new MacBook so you can code on the go. Slowly running software – we’ll buy you a high-speed SSD drive. It’s important to understand that these investments will eventually pay off many times and have a positive impact on employee loyalty.

Social activity

The world will not be a better place without our help. The company’s management should encourage employees to strive for social initiatives that benefit society, nature, homeless animals and all those who need support. It is not so difficult to plant trees in the square, collect fodder and medicines for the animal welfare organization. This will not only make the world a little bit better, but also allow the IT specialists to feel that they have contributed to something very important.

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Of course, not every IT company can afford to create conditions for employees on the same level as digital giants such. Employees of such companies can get an interest-free housing loan, have constant access to massage rooms and “corners of the sociopath”, where you can relax from the noise of the scenes. However, it is necessary to constantly look for your own unique approach to employees so that they feel comfortable, can work fruitfully, feel their own value and significance.

For some, the best choice is to start a company. For some, to turn their career in a different direction, leaving programming. For me, programming is what I want to do, but you have to be realistic. Whatever you do, you have to find a balance between doing what you love and making enough money to make your family comfortable. And often, that’s not an easy choice.